Gender Reveals

We understand that having a baby is one of the most special memories a couple can have


Under this tab you will see our Shop tab. Once you have browsed through our various options of Gender Reveal Products, select the appropriate items that appeal to you!


You have three options during checkout       

1. Pink

2. Blue

3. Surprise

If you are choosing "Surprise"- you will need to send us your Gender Letter by physical mail or email to, which then we'll select the appropriate gender. If you live within the Oakville area and would like to drop off your letter and pick-up on the same day, we are more than able to do that! Please reach out to us via. email.  

We will need at least one week notice before your event date. Thank you for understanding! 

Gender Revea Soke Bomb

What happens after I've sent my Gender Letter?

An email will be sent once the gender letter has been received, and processing for your order will begin then. Please allow 1-2 Business Days to process. Once your package has been shipped, you will receive an email confirmation and tracking information will be available. Your package will arrive within the estimated timelines provided during checkout.

Browse our Etsy Shop

Everyone knows Etsy! It's a reputable company that sells various items from local businesses. Due to the high demand for Gender Reveal Cannons, Balloons, colored Smoke, and Sports items - we created our Etsy platform. We invite you to browse our shop and reviews for some real life experiences!


Unfortunately, we are no longer able to sell our Smoke items or Fireworks through Etsy. If you would like to purchase those items you will have to purchase through our Shop, located under this tab.  


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