To-Do Lists

Cute Planner

Starting at $29.99

Our option if you like to be involved in the event design and production process!


- Organize and create To-Do List's by month, week, or day of event

- Includes what you will need to fully execute your event

- Also includes 'total estimated amount' for event

Includes the following information: 

1. Where/what to purchase for- Decor

2. Where/what to inquire for- Catering

3. Give you options of Entertainment

4. Table planning & Specialty tables

5. How to create Backdrops

6. How to purchase & create Balloon Decor

7. Where/what to rent- Equipment

Please fill out one of our Event Inquiry Form's, so we have prior information before confirming


We strive to provide our clients with unlimited professional advice for the big day!